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If you're just getting started to investing you're head is probably spinning with all the work involved to manage your money. Have no fear, Dividend Power will help you get started with a sound long-term investment strategy. Our goal is not to get rich overnight, but rather watch our slow steady growth compound into a cashflow machine.


The first step you'll need to perform is educating yourself. No one is going to protect your money better than yourself so you need to become educated. No matter what investing strategy you plan to pursue, fully understand how it works. If you investment strategy goes sideways, you'll want to understand why and how to fix it. This is why you must never blindly follow someones instructions, but rather fully understand the why.

Dividend Power strives to provide the knowledge you will need to make sound investment choices, but by no means are we comprehensive. You will likely need to buckle down and read a book cover to cover to fully digest these compounding principles we speak of.

Once you have built a foundation of knowledge you will be interested in many of our blog articles which will further assist your journey.

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Chapter 2: Learning how to Build a Compounding Machine with Dividend Stocks

Chapter 3: Screening the Market for Great Dividend Growth Stocks

Chapter 4: How to further Evaluate Dividend Growth Stocks

Chapter 5: When to Exit a Dividend Stock Position

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Once you have a fundamental understanding of how to invest in the market you'll need to chose a broker. A broker is nothing more than the company you will leverage to puchase stocks through. There are tons of brokers on the market today, all seem to offer something unique so do your homework and decide what is the best fit.

We will note that this is a very exciting time when it comes to brokers in the industry. Up until now there has always been a fee associated with stock purchases. Robinhood app is the first business to change the game and offer free trade services. This type of game changer certainly supports our low cost structure approach.

Whatever broker you decide to use, good luck on your path to financial freedom and enjoy the ride.

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